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Posted by admin on Aug 31, 2010
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“Fire in the Hole!” at ExtraBigDicks today! We have our favorite fire crotche in the house this week at—and it’s his birthday. Sitting to Steven’s right, is a tall drink of water that hails from Houston, TX. “Where everything’s bigger.” Well we’re about to dark, handsome 23 year old Alex Mercedes. Alex pulls Steven’s jeans down giving his tongue even more canvas to explore. He teases him some before standing up and dropping his own pants. Steven goes to work as he gropes and licks at the hard cock in those sexy briefs. Fortunately, Steven is one impatient birthday boy and he wants that candle. He pulls down Alex’ briefs and is pleased to find the fattest birthday candle he’s ever had. He grabs Alex’ thick uncut cock and makes a wish. (Any takers on what that wish could be?) lol He blows that birthday candle like a champ; shoving it deep down his throat. Well, the Birthday Boy deserves to be happy and that being said, Alex decides to give Steven some help in re! turn. He kneels between Steven’s smooth thighs and starts sucking on his rock hard cock. It’s not every day you get spicy Puerto Rican food in Texas. Luckily there’s more than just Puerto Rican meat on the menu. Today’s specialty is “Culito Caliente”. Hot Puerto Rican ass for our Texan boy; and in preparation they get into a hot 69. Steven takes top bunk so he can continue milking that thick dick while Alex gets his tongue deep inside Steven. He then gets Steven on his back before sliding that cock inside. He wastes no time before fucking that ass deep. “Aww, fuck that ass!” Steven begs as he gets that tight ass stretched. Careful what you wish for, Señorito Ponce. Steven continues to grunt and groan as Alex bends him over the chair. It’s hard not to when you have a hard, hung hottie relentlessly slamming cock up your ass. Missionary is next as Alex continues fucking the hell out of Steven. Steven can’t hold back any longer as Alex fucks one of the biggest loads! we’ve ever seen cum out of Steven. He shoots a thick coat of ! leche al l over his smooth chest and face. Alex then follows suit adding his own cream to the mix. Whew Feliz Cumpleaño, Steven. See more here

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